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The BEST Response to the Yoga White Girl

From Kazzledazz.com writer Kadia B:

It Happened to Me: There Are No White People In My Twerk-Out Class And I'm Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable About It.

January is such a funny time for twerk-out studios. Everyone is trying to get in shape and perfect their dance moves for the New Year. Of course, this means an overload on twerk-hopefuls entering classes just to quit mid-February.

A few weeks ago, as I settled into my crowded evening class, a young, fairly thin white woman took her position right behind me. She appeared to have never set foot in a twerk-out studio before. She anxiously glanced around the room, adjusting her booty shorts, looking wide-eyed and incredibly nervous. Within just the first few minutes of French Montana's "Pop That," I saw the fear in her eyes as she attempted to squat and, well, pop that. She was obviously filled with panic and then despair. Before we even started twerking on the chairs, she had hunched over with her hand on her knees, head lowered, trapped and vulnerable. She stayed there, staring, for the rest of the class.


The full post is here. Go and getchu a piece.

Also, writer Demetria Lucas of A Belle In Brooklyn wrote a post on it, entitled "Dear Yoga Girl, You Know That Most Black Girls Don't Envy Your Shape, Right?" which raised a point that has been missing from a lot of the responses I've seen:

This may cause some alarm for white folk who think they are the center of the universe, but those particular white folk do need to know that Black folk have their own standard of "ideal" beauty. It involves curves in the "right" places– kinda like what Bey had pre-Blue or like the woman in the picture at the top of this page. And there are black girls aplenty trying to get that shape, narrow waist, wide hips, thick thighs and plump assmandatory. When we exercise, we're mostly trying to cardio off mid-sections and keep everything else curvaceous so we can "fill out" our clothes, ironically enough, just like Beyonce' sang about on "Jealous". Milkshakes bring boys, of all colors, to the yard.


Full post here.

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