Hi guys! I'm home from Cuba! Cuba was both very awesome and kind of iffy at the same time. There were good things and bad things about being in a Cuban resort, but instead of telling you all about that right away, I bring you: The Best Stuff I Saw In Cuba!

In a bit I'll write a post about the best parts and the worst parts about living in a resort for a week. There's a lot to say. Some parts were really awesome, but some were pretty hard to deal with. That's for later though, this is the photo and video post. I hope you like it!

I had never been in the ocean before and it was so amazing how much there was to see! I spent hours and hours exploring and I saw so many different fish. I couldn't photograph them though, because I only had my phone to take pictures with. The little schools would come right up to you and swim around and hang out for a bit so you could really check them out. A lot of people feed them, so they probably don't act like this outside the resort area, but it means you can see a lot of fish at a resort close to the shore. Someone in our group saw a barracuda, but I didn't get to see it. I wish I had though!

I took all kinds of photos and video and I want to show you some of the best. I spent all morning excitedly editing the videos with music I bought in Cuba. I hope you like it!


I explored all over and I took so much video! Anyway, the best thing I found when I was out in the ocean was this starfish. We took a short video and I took it back to the ocean. We turned it upside down in the water and watched it flip itself over. They are way more flexible than you think they would be. I should have taken a video of that. I have no idea why I didn't but I'm kind of disappointed. It was awesome to see.


I heard that some people have them gutted and they dry out and that's how they get them back here for decoration. I didn't realize before this that they didn't have shells. I thought the starfish had a kind of shell, but they don't, the dried ones you see back here are dead animal skins. I have realized it's awful.

Here is my super cool educational starfish video.


There are so many kinds of crabs. I saw four kinds, but I only got photos and video of two of them. I saw a really cool hermit crab walking around in a really pretty shell, but it was the only time I didn't have my phone on me. It pissed me off, so I didn't go anywhere without my phone after that. I also saw a tiny little spotted crab in the sand, and I tried to take a video of it, but it's barely usable. The sun is so bright and the crab was so small that I couldn't really see what I was taping. Ah well.


I also saw this white one. They hide themselves in the sand and jump out if you get too close. This one was about the size of my palm:

I did edit this video of two blue crabs that I saw. The first one was over a foot wide! It's hard to tell from the video because I was up on the bridge, but it was so big you guys! The second one somehow had gotten lost and stuck up by the pool. Some guy (the guy in the video) tried to rescue it with his shoe, but eventually another guy (more intelligently) grabbed it from behind so it couldn't bite him and just carried it away. :)



I also saw some amazing birds. Pelicans were particularly interesting, but I couldn't get a great photo. I have a neat video of two flying near the beach, but I haven't edited it yet.

I also saw a hummingbird and I got some video of it, but they are fast you guys! The videos are like "okay, watch right here..." BLINK! "Did you see it??". They're tiny, they don't stand still and they aren't fond of people getting too close.


They also have these blackbirds that look kind of like the grackles we have here in Ontario, so I expected them to sound like a sick crow like ours do, but they sing like little songbirds! So beautiful.

One day when I went down to the beach there was a royal tern hunting. I got some great video of it divebombing in the water. It came so close! They coast on the air currents sideways scanning the shallow water and every once in a while they just swoop down super fast and try to grab something. I'm glad the video turned out so well, it made it easy to identify it when I got back.

I saw some pink flamingos and some kind of cranes or something, but both were too far away to get good photos.



Lizards man. They are everywhere. I must have seen 50 and every one was different! I only got a few photos though, because like hummingbirds, lizards are super fast and super shy.


These little guys were always out on the walls outside our rooms when we got back after dark. I think they are some kind of gecko. Here's a short video of them running into the ceiling.

I also saw this cool frog on our wall one night:


It's feet are so awesome! :D


Here are a few of the more interesting flowers that I saw:



Kiteboarding you guys. It is a thing. Who knew? Sooooo much kiteboarding. They have a whole zone. You might even say they have a danger zone.


One day there were so many damned kiteboarders that they wouldn't stay in their zone and I couldn't explore the ocean because I was likely to get my head sliced open. Stay off my damned lawn kiteboarders!


Other Stuff

Some of you may enjoy this photo of cute Cuban musicians:


These guys play for tips and they are very good so we got them to play for us a few times. This is at the buffet area.

Of course, since this is the internet, I must bring you Cuban cat photos. There were a bunch of cats that lived around. They seemed really well fed and they were all fluffy and awesome.

Look at this adorable Cuban kitten, it's not having your bullshit:


Okay, maybe it will have a little of your bullshit:

That's it you guys!

I hope you liked my Cuba photos! I'm so happy to be home. :)