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... and how the gaming culture can be incredibly toxic, sexist, and just downright horrible to women. All in the name of some bullshit "ethics in journalism" campaign.

It's a long piece, but it's well worth the read since this topic is now making its way outside of the gaming world and in to the media at large.


It's things like what these people are doing (and claiming it's in the name of gamers) that, for the first time in a long time, have made me ashamed to say I'm a gamer. Because saying that puts me in the same camp as the scum that are calling in death threats against developers because they are women.

I think this is representing a fundamental shift in how gaming is perceived both in and out of the gaming world. It's growing more mature, and more inclusive and the old guard (sexist assholes, who tend to also identify as MRAs and anti-feminists) are flipping their shit. You can also see it in how the religious right in the US is flipping out about same sex marriage.. when a system that has been so utterly stacked in favor of one group of people starts to slowly shift to include others people lose their collective minds.

As usual with anything that mentions women on the internet - you might want to avoid the comments. They are OK as of this writing (only 72 so far), but these things tend to go downhill quickly.

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