So even my BFF who actively avoids the news* obviously hasn’t been able to avoid Pussygate. When something creeps into her line of sight, she asks me to explain. So I did. Then she started following it and was basically live-updating me on every horrible thing over the past week. The one that struck her the most was Trump bragging about barging into the dressing rooms of naked teenaged girls.

She has a point - if the GOP had Trump assassinated, they could get their way, blame it on Hillary, and have a fighting chance of winning the election (or at least the Congressional races).


What are you doing today? I am cooking a Tex-Mex feast for some friends. I am a good cook and got invited to be in a supper club with a bunch of fucking amazing cooks (including two professional chefs), so I am intimidated a little, haha. Usually in this club they kind of choose a theme or nationality (a lot of times within their own heritage) and do a bunch of research and get really authentic about it. To be fair I took the first date chosen so I didn’t have time to do a lot of hunting for obscure ingredients or research.

I was thinking of doing Polish food (my grandpa was Polish) or going through my grandma’s recipe box and doing weird ‘70s midwestern dinner party food, aspics and shit. The problem is I find most Polish food undesirable (other than pierogies), and I didn’t want to go into total uncharted territory with the 70s food, because the point was that I was going to choose the weirdest.

In addition to being the food I grew up on, Tex Mex does not have a very strict definition which is also why I chose it, haha. I can do whatever the fuck I want. Yesterday I made chili con carne (and at the last minute made it con bacon) and I’m making cornbread today, I prepped some BBQ short rib tamales, made queso dip, salsa, and will be making guacamole today, made tortillas which I will be turning into bean and cheese taquitos (ha) today, will be grilling corn and some peppers and shit just to have because I felt like we wanted a vegetable, and we’ll eat fried ice cream with honey for dessert.

I wonder when I’m going to clean my house.


OPEN THREAD! I suppose OPEN THREAD with heavy guidance from my above dissertation. Whatever you want, I don’t care.



*We’re a little bit of an odd couple, haha. I both hate her and envy her for this quality.