So. I did it. I cut it all off and dyed it red.

I was going to try to hide my face, but I just don't care anymore. As long as MitsuBT doesn't find Jez and see how much I've talked about him, I think I'll be okay. :P

Over 12 inches cut! Here's the before:



It's actually pretty red in the sunlight. I'm torn between liking it and thinking I look like an old. :(

I bought new sunglasses (some cat-eye retro ones!) that are super cute, though. And I spent $40 at Longs getting hair stuff and combs and brushes so I can do neat things with it. After MitsuBT sees it and we go out tonight, I want to play with it and do a fauxhawk and pompadour and stuff.


What do you guys think? Be brutally honest, because I may just go back and get it shorter. ><

Edit: It is longer in the back than I originally wanted it, but the stylist told me this would be easier to maintain and style, and if I really hated it after a few days to come back and he'd go as short as I originally planned.