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The Bittersweetness of Being Mainpaged

Or: everyone is a dick.

Groupthink's patron saint of Mainpage has taken exception with a thing I wrote. I wrote it because I read this bizarre/hilarious/depressing article and had to share with like minds. For the next little bit, I will be ignoring my notifications because the mainpage commenters are animals.


First, I would like to apologize for an honest mistake. I've been called out for writing 'transgendered' instead of 'transgender'. I didn't realize this was a thing, but some people have pointed it out to me. I wasn't sure if I could edit it after it was shared but it seems like I can, so I did. Special thanks to Kyosuke and Athena51813 for getting me on the right track. A middle finger to those who called me transphobic. Not knowing every detail of every oppression is a far cry from acting in malice. At any rate, I still can't find any resources on the issue (or debate, as Kyosuke framed it) so if you know of one, I'd appreciate if you could share.

Second, what I wrote was about one article about one public meeting. It was not meant to be commentary on all facets of the issue. I'm glad people are chiming in to give context, as not everyone knows that it's really a vocal minority of pigheads who are pushing for this. But again, the snark is overwhelming. Don't talk down to me because you're The Most Canadian.

I'm thinking about putting a quick blurb about me at the end of the article. I've lived in Canada my whole life – in rural Southwestern Ontario until I moved to Ottawa at 18, intermittently in Montreal and finally here in Toronto. I minored in Canadian Studies and was taught by some professors who basically created the interdisciplinary study. All these people giving me shit about not knowing the good parts of Montreal (which I do, thank you very much), are trying to win the Best Canadian award and so forth – please take a long walk. Away from me.


Anyways, thanks to you nice people for being nice. Not everything written has to be the alpha and omega on the topic. Those sorts of articles can be overwhelming to read and difficult to write. I'm not going to start Fuck It Friday because FluterDale has taken up that torch and has been doing a good job, but… Fuck this shit. Bosses are out of the office today and my workload is light so I'm going to keep reading Atwood's The Year of the Flood for my CBC Radio One Canada Reads bookclub (see, I really am Canadian!). Biggie has started working in Hamilton again and might stay at the studio tonight so him and his coworkers can go out drinking. Which means tonight I'll be drinking wine by myself, reading more Atwood and watching Revenge on Netflix. So excite.


This gem just in:


Judy knows. This mimi person has been my own personal troll. Dearest mimi, I couldn't in a million years have come up with this garbage policy on my own. If anyone is Quebec bashing, it's their leading party.

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