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The boy, he is not observant.

A couple months ago I ombré bleached my dark red hair for fun. It was awesome, but the red faded brown and I got bored so about two weeks ago I gave the whole thing a bleach bath and have been blonde since. I’m pretty sure he only noticed because he was home when I did both and saw it happening. Yesterday, while he was at work, I dyed it back to red. Not just any red, bright-ass Ariel red. Before he got home I put it in loose pin curls, did my makeup in a subtle pinup vibe, and waited for the “wow”. I even turned on the overhead lights, which I haven't done since we got our floor lamps, so there would be plenty of light. He still hasn't noticed. It's like he has change blindness. I'm just going to wait this one out. TeenSparrow, on the other hand, took one look at me and dragged me into the light to rave about how amazing it looks.


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