Has anyone seen this new Jennifer Lopez vehicle? It's left a really bad taste in my mouth. It has kind of taken all these stories of adult women teachers molesting their male teenage students and turned it on its head. Basically the premise is that she's a regular HS teacher who sleeps with the Boy Next Door and how would she know he's under-aged? She was seduced and totally innocent. Just getting her needs met. Then he comes to her school, turns out to be a student and because he's evil, he threatens to expose her and destroy her life. Basically, he's considered the predator. And it's a way that a rape of men by women is treated as an impossibility—a joke. How could a boy be victimized? Clearly, we have to recast the power exchange.It's disturbing in how it is framing a real social problem in a way that is victim blaming— here, the victim who wants to expose the crime is seen as a destroyer of lives. It's appalling. Ugh. I have been thinking about this all day and it just pisses me off.