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This is one of the most idoitic scifi/medical thrillers ever. Although when I first saw it on tv at age 8 it scared me. Well since then I have seen it many times its idiotically a mess but fun.








Picture this a doctor creates a solution to keep folks alive. In this case his fiance’s head her name is Jan and he puts her head in a pan. They were in a car crash. Oh Jan can speak, yes speak, and becomes telepaathic to this mightily strong disabled man the good doctor keeps in the cellar’s locked room. Jan he keeps in middle of cellar on a table.


So the doctor looks for a body for his fiance he scouts the burlesque, the strets and finally his old girlfriend who has facial scars. He lures the exgirlfriend to his house promising he would perform surgery to remove scar tissue. He wants her body for Jan’s head. Because in 1962 they thought it was easy.

Illustration for article titled The Brain That Wouldnt Die is being remade omg this could be fun spoilers

Ok looking back that is disturbing on so many levels including that once they have sex he will be having sex with his old girlfriend’s body whose head will be his new girlfriend. Just ugh. Ugh.

Where was I? Oh they are remaking the movie. I do not know if they already got the kickstarter money and started filming or what. Not sure why it needs to be remade. It is.so bad its good. Yet I am excited.


Did anyone see this? If not you should. Thoughts on the movie? Excited for remake?


Really if you never saw it see it. Its a film one must see before they die.

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