I bought them online. Online bra shopping is almost as miserable as going to a store. Anyway, today they came in the mail (or, for you Brits in the audience, the post)! And you know what?

I HATE THEM ALL. They are awful. The cups are the wrong shape and the bands give me weird back fat. Another bra shopping experience that has made me cry!

I don't know what to do. I have tried a million different brands. I have bought British bras and paid exorbitant shipping prices. I have been fit both professionally (although it was a while ago) and via this brilliant Reddit post. I have ordered bras from multiple brands in multiple sizes and I cannot find a fucking bra that fits on my body. There's no sizing consistency, there's no standards, every bra made by even by the same manufacturer is COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT and I HAVE HAD IT. I am not weirdly shaped in any way, except that I am a little person and have big boobs. HOW CAN THIS BE CHALLENGING, BRA COMPANIES? ARE YOU ALL IDIOTS?

I am literally sitting here crying, because tomorrow I have to put on a bra that is four sizes two small because it is actually the only one I have. Every single item I ordered is going back. I'm honestly considering having my boobs surgically removed at this point, JUST SO I CAN BUY A BRA.