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The British National Party's party broadcast.... I have no words sufficient for this

I am honestly not sure which is the most offensive part of this video.

Is it the repeated use of "Bloody foreigners taking our jobs!". The casual implication that all Romanian's are beggars and thieves. The advocation of deporting all Muslims? The bit where they say that Muslims are pedophiles abducting our children? The White Genocide narrative? Or is it the vaguely messianic portrayel of Nick Griffin or the fascist undertones?


It's astounding that this kind of party still exists in the U.K. They are a fringe party, compared to the real threat of UKIP, but it still just boggles the mind.

Even better, when OFCOM pulled the broadcast for, oh, pick a reason, the BNP had the cheek to make a reply advert claiming that they are an oppresed party.

Also check the bit where they seem to be proud of their association with Bashar Al-Assad.

BNP. Not even once


Edit - As someone, recommended it is probably worth saying for the non-British audience that the BNP have like 0.01% of the vote and are almost universally regarded as being crazy.

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