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Found this awesome kickstarter on Black Girl Nerds. The creators of The Bully's Bully, Courtney Huddleston and James Taylor, created this kickstarter to get funding to print the first two chapters of their webcomic. They also are including two exclusive stories to the book plus bonus behind the scenes stuff which will make the book over 150 pages!

The Bully's Bully is an ongoing "wordless" webcomic about a young girl who, from birth, has felt absolute empathy with bullying victims. Through this ability to experience the pain, agony, and desperation of the people (and animals), "The Bully's Bully" (or B.B. for short) can find those who've been singled out for cruelty. Sure, she could buckle under the empathic pain that might reduce many grown superheroes to tears, but our girl transforms all those negative feelings into action. She selflessly aids anyone—kids and adults alike—who have been targeted by bullies.


The Kickstarter only has 3 days left. There are some neat rewards from receiving original sketches to being a background character in a Bully's Bully story to writing your own 5 or 10 page Bully's Bully story that would be drawn by the creators, Courtney Huddleston and James Taylor, and included in a possible second book.

You can read the comic at bullysbully.com and check out their kickstarter at The Bully's Bully Kickstarter Page. They also have a Facebook.

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