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The butthurt apple doesn't fall far from the butthurt tree

So Mr. Ivriniel and I unexpectedly ran into his Dad this afternoon. My FiL told us that ABiL is mad at him, but for more than just the house issue. Apparently ABiL is mad that My FiL didn't wish ASiL a happy birthday on Facebook.

Why didn't my FiL wish ASiL a happy birthday on Facebook? He was offended by one of her Facebook posts. The offending post? She posted a picture of her daughter next to a picture of her at the same age, with a post to the effect off "Everyone says my daughter looks like ABiL, but I had to show she looks like me, too." My FiL took this as a slap in the face to ABiL and the whole family, and so didn't wish her a happy birthday.

Good God Almighty! Do people actually read through the avalanche of birthday greetings that come on Facebook and make note of who didn't say Happy Birthday? I really don't care about birthdays. I acknowledge the greetings with a "Thanks Everybody" but that's about it.


And how could anyone possibly take a mother saying "I think my kid looks like me, too" as a slap in the face to the father's family? (For the record, I don't think my niece looks like her mother at all, and it seems to drive ASiL nuts.)

Oh, and the house story is crazier than I thought. Turns out that ABiL doesn't want to move into the rental house, he wants my FiL to move out of his own house and into the rental house, so ABiL's family can move into My FiL's current home. The rental house is in a different city from where my FiL lives. (And both houses are in different cities than where the annoying Inlaws live.)

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