I am super-stoked, you guys. Do people still say 'stoked'? Well, whatever. I am.

My little sister just got into a good school after working incredibly hard to raise her GPA. She is going to become a physical therapist. This, after our mom told her not to bother applying to any colleges, because she wouldn't get in anyway. She got her massage license, took a job at a nursing home, and discovered her passion. She went back to school to take care of her generals, and will be starting at a good university in January.

My husband received a scholarship today that his instructor and another instructor he doesn't even take classes from nominated him for! It's from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association for academic excellence. After discovering a love for plants during our bonkers year in San Diego, he enrolled in the Greenhouse Technician course at a local tech school. He liked it so much, he asked to do work-study. He's gone to the school almost every day since January for classes or work, weekends included.

I am beyond proud of them both. Knowing their backstories, struggles, and victories, I'm so happy that they've found their passions, and are on their way to success.