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THE CAKE IS A LIE (The Walking Dead Season Finale -- Spoilers)

Anyone else not quite over last night's TWD season finale?

I mean HOLY SHIT amiright?!

First off, I feel completely vindicated knowing I was right. Things were starting to get a tad too comfortable for some characters and that just can't continue in a crapsack world. Also, there's no way Terminus was ever going to be legit and I'm glad it isn't. Legit is boring.


So speculation time: the Terminus people are people eaters, right? Kirkman and Gimple are completely coy about this in their "morning after," EW online interviews in a "maybe they are, maybe they aren't" kind of way. Except of course, THEY SO TOTALLY ARE. Just look at all the clues in the ep:

  • Remember the scene where Rick is showing Carl and Michonne how to set up a snare? You make a trail for your pray to follow right into the trap? And isn't that how Gareth the Terminus "Welcome Wagon" guy described Terminus to Rick et al? "People find us out of instinct. They may be headed other directions, but they wind up here. Right where the train tracks meet. Something about having a path to follow."
  • The Terminus people are constantly grilling, but what exactly are they grilling? I don't see any cows around, do you? And game isn't exactly abundant, if the last couple of episodes are any indication. Foreshadowing: Rick and Michonne talking about the scarcity of food and their ginormous hunger.
  • I'll tell you what they're grilling, they're grilling people! SOYLENT TERMINUS IS PEOPLE. Rick: "So, you take a lot of new people in?" Gareth: "We do. We need new people. They become part of us. Make us stronger." (Um, BARF)
  • Did anyone else catch that glimpse of that pile of freshly skinned human skeletons on the ground just as Rick et al were being funneled by the Terminus snipers into the train car?

It's also incredibly interesting that we happen to meet a collective of psychos — and by that, I mean a collective that appears to be a quote/unquote normal community, like the prison or Woodbury did — right around the same time Rick is embracing his inner monster.

We know Rick had good reason to fear his inner monster, even if his inner monster keeps his son and friends safe, because Rick has seen what happens to a person when they go off the deep end without a Hershel to keep them in check. They become One-Eye Bri, aka The Guv. Terminus is an extension, and sort of flip side, to that.


These are the townspeople that have gotten fucked over so many times (see creepy candle-lit shrine) that they would willingly embrace the leadership of someone like the Guv if it meant that their community would be safe and fed. These people would have happily stormed the prison without any bullshit lies from the Guv, as long as they got to take living prisoners to nosh on later.

Thoughts? Am I on to something?

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