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The Cake Pan Saga Continues

Yesterday, posted a number of photos of character cake pans that my local bulk food store is getting rid of to Facebook, tagged with the name of a friend who has a side business making cakes.

My Annoying Brother in Law responded to the post with a list of cake pans that he wanted from the group.

I responded, pointing out that I had tagged my friend in the post because she has a cake making business.


He responded by listing cake pans that his wife wants as well.

My friend finally saw my post, and responded, telling him that I had meant the post for her, and that therefore she got first dibs, and he could have whatever she didn’t want.

This evening, ABiL called Mr. Ivriniel to complain. He insisted that because I made a general post to those in my friends list, he had every right to ask for those cake pans, never mind the fact that I had tagged one person specifically. Then he proceeded to call our friend “a bitch” for asserting that she had first dibs. He told Mr. Ivriniel that he had to restrain himself from sending her a private Facebook message about how rude she was.

Because that’s how you get your brother to buy you some cake pans... You call one of his best friends “a bitch”. (Mr. Ivriniel was the “Man of Honour” at this friend’s wedding.)


I have half a mind to tell him that the cake pans were all gone when we got back to the store.

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