Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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the cake was a lie

first it filled the room with its sweet fresh-from-the-oven-cinnamon-bun-y aroma but we kept on dancing for an hour botching up every dance that followed because we had been driven mad with want. then I laid my eyes upon it - it was a tad too dark, a bit too crumbly, but that usually wouldn't ruin a otherwise delicious cake. closer inspection revealed an abundance of raisins (I would reference a very well known Estonian literary character who is very particular about the plentiful amount of raisins in his pastries but you lot would not get the joke *sigh* maybe I will add a video of it later if i can track it down). the cake was bloody awful. too much baking powder, too little binding agent, too burnt, what was I even expecting because I had endured some muffins from the same person a couple of days prior. yuckyuckyuck. some people went for seconds 0_O


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