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The call is coming from inside the house

I am more than a little terrified of this (heads up for goddamn autoplay video):

Dem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion

You and I both know that if we stop requiring that being pro-choice is part of the Democratic Party platform, it will disappear. There are lots of “pro-choice” people (men I’m sure) who are commenting on the Splinter(Fusion) version of this article who are perfectly fine with this. They, idiotically, think that simultaneously 1) it will somehow get anti-choice Republican voters to vote for a Democrat and 2) abortion rights will remain in tact. Um, not if a bunch of the legislators are anti-choice or ambivalent and willing to trade our abortion rights away for something else when legislating! Not to mention that have no concept of how pervasive the right to choose is at every level of life - for BOTH men and women, mainly women. Do you live in a fucking vacuum dude?


How stupid can Democrats be? These two things cannot be true at the same time: Democrats preserve the right to abortion and pro-life voters support Democrats. Only one of those can be true.

Newsflash, (#notall) liberal men: you are fucking failing your country. You wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she was not Bernie, and you now are willing to turn yourselves into Republicans. Women carried Clinton, even with a majority of white women going to Trump. THAT’S HOW MANY MEN DID NOT VOTE FOR CLINTON. Do you think this will win you a fucking raised minimum wage and free college? Being more like the Republicans? Are you so much like them you want power at any cost -and are willing to give away literally any principle to get it?

Women are leading the resistance and doing the work. Women are the ones calling and marching and fighting. You will not gain power on our backs only to sacrifice our right to bodily autonomy. I won’t vote for your sham candidates and neither will most Democratic women. Maybe then you’ll appreciate how much you rely on us?

ETA - I just canceled my recurring donation to the Democratic Party (and gave a strongly worded email about why, though I’m sure the person reading it is in no position to do anything). I added the exact amount to my Emily’s List donation.

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