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TW: gun violence, Hoover Mall, Black Friday 2018

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at anything any more. I know this, and yet this morning at the gym I was watching CNN and had a moment of what the fuck are you even kidding me, people...

So Hoover, Alabama, is a nice suburb of Birmingham. When I lived in Tuscaloosa, we’d drive the 45 mins to go to the Hoover Galleria because it was the closest decent mall. And it’s massive. 


They had a fatal shooting there last night. Two dudes got into a fight about something and one shot the other and also hit a 12 yr old girl. She’s doing okay, the male victim is not doing okay. Armed police were on hand for extra Black Friday security, which is normal, and a cop fatally shot the shooter.

The mall just reopened before 6am. People are back shopping already. What’s that like, “hey step around the chalk body line when you’re going to Victoria’s Secret”? I can’t wrap my head around choosing to go to a mall less than 12 hours after a fatal shooting just so you get some good deals. Like they shouldn’t even be done collecting crime scene evidence yet. 

The website al.com (NEVER EVER READ THE COMMENTS SECTION THERE, FYI) reported that several other customers drew guns as well. What the fuck, Chett, this is not the OK Corral and you are not fucking Wyatt Earp. I’m surprised other customers weren’t shot.

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