Like many of you, I'm sure, I follow Tysonism on Facebook. But I've begun to notice (and the fact that I've just noticed it doesn't mean it's new) that there is a faction, or strain among the larger community, the community of for lack of a better term skeptics, of misogyny. I believe Tysonism consists of several people, and at least one of them seems to be pretty cool re women's issues, at least judging from the recent "dude wearing stupid shirt when they landed on the comet" brouhaha. (Though many of the community were rather shitty.)

This came to a head recently with the case of "Food Babe," a rather innocuous blogger who publishes smoothie recipes and stupid shit about cleanses and "toxins." She's about to publish a book, and the skeptics have gone after her. I have no issue with that per se, as I hate misinformation and woo as much as the next person raised by hippies, and maybe more.

But, of course, they way some went after her was predictably awful. They attacked her looks. They attacked her gender. Etc. etc. etc. This letter, from another "skeptic" group to my mind, is pretty cowardly regarding the misogyny.

I'm not a scientist, but this is a team I want to be on. I wish they'd stop making me feel so unwelcome.