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The Case of Penis Boy

Good morning. Let's see if I can write this story before work. Sorry if my grammar and stuff is off but I'm kinda sleepy:

This date took place on what was an early afternoon on a Tuesday, sometime around September, I believe. I had received a message the previous day regarding my Craigslist ad and we eventually spoke on the phone. He seemed pretty cool so we decided to meet up for lunch on said Tuesday.

I get to the restaurant and things are going fine the first 10 minutes or so. I try to engage further in a conversation with him and I get the feeling that something is up. It's just one of those situations where you know someone is not that interested in conversing with you for whatever reason. After lunch, we walked outside and I asked if he still wanted to go to the park and talk some more (although at that point it seemed kinda redundant since he didn't talk much during lunch but I am too nice like that). He then proceeds to tell me "Well, to be honest, I was hoping we could have sex". Cue me being awkward and being like "Um well, sorry I don't do that on the first date". I found out that he was thinking we could go back to my house and fuck I guess. As some of you may have read, I am a virgin and fucking anybody is not possible for me right now. Even if it was, the whole situation is a big turn-off anyway and not exactly a panty-dropper for me.


However, I am feeling frustrated by his blunt advances and figure I'd make out with him 'cause I'm also kinda lonely. So we go to the park and start making out (whatever, I can be spontaneous!). And we talk a little bit more but it's still very hard to engage in a conversation with this person. Eventually I got him to open up once I asked him if he liked to read. He told me about some scientific people that I cannot remember and then for some reason we get into astroprojection and how he takes LSD and other hallucinogens from time to time. At that point I'm like "What is going on?", but I just go with it. Oh at some point he smacks my ass because I guess he thinks it's ok since we were making out before...

When we get up to leave he starts saying how he thinks we get along and the he starts asking when I think we will have sex because he needs to know that he's sexually compatible with his partner (um ok, jumping ahead of ourselves now are we?). Anyway, I'm not stupid and that whole excuse is just dumb. We start making out again before we leave and he's feeling me up and he proceeds to move my hand on his junk. I'm kinda whatever about it. Before we get in our cars we talk a little more and then at some point, I don't even remember how it happened, he whips out his erect penis. I proceed to stare at it for a few seconds and then I reject him again. He says "Well, thought I would try one last time", or something like that.

And that is the Penis Boy story. :)

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