So last month Dodai talked about the Bro-Tastic Colorado Health Insurance Ads and ended her post thusly:

It would be easy to complain that there are no frolicking sluts to go with these bros — only moms (post-sluts?) — but since the Colorado site is actually working and the ads — This ad campaign — (paid for by the taxpayers of Colorado) by @ThanksObamacare, a project of 2 non-profit orgs@COHealthAccess & @ProgressNowCO —not taxpayer funded, is clearly a lighthearted attempt to draw attention to affordable care, fuck it. Hook us up with some Brosurance.

Turns out she spoke too soon!

My Dad asked me: "How do feminists feel about this?" And I was like "I dunno, let me ask some."


So, my fellow Jezzies, please sound off.

(Source: Denver Post)