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ABC The Catch anyone find premise absurd beyond us










Its a decent show but the premise is jawdroppingly unrealistic. Alice is LA’s best private eye, rich clients, many employees, fancy offices.

Yet she dated and was engaged combined for a year. He said he was Christooher Wells and he owned a nice office that did financial stuff with stocks. His name was a lie, his office was yes rented but did nothing. He was a con man.

Alice said because he was not a client she did not research him. Oh she gave him 1.2 million for downpayment on a house. Bye, bye money. He and his partners also got into her client database and stole millions.

She is suspicious of people, does background checks on all clients. Yet the one person, a rich multimillionaire, stock broker so he claimed. She did nothing.


When he discussed in a flashback his dead brother and dead parents. My mother said “why didn’t she google that? I would have googled him on day one.”. She would have to. I know I do not have to google my next girlfriend I know someone who will. I know her argument will be“googling is like a condom it protects yourself from harm and better to have the knowledge then not.” I am positive she will use the show on why its right.

Alice has all the tools in her office to do extensive checks on people. She did nothing. By not doing that she compromised not just herself but her firm, her employees and worst her clients. You would think just to protect her firm she would have done a background search. At least she hacked into his computer and took all the money back.


After two episodes its not bad but premise is absurd. Or I am a super suspicious person.

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