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The Certainty of Chance

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a family with two daughters, whom we shall call X and Y. It was not a rich family, but they did not often go hungry, which is more than many people could boast at the time. Not much is known about their childhood - aside from world events at the time, they seemed to have a happy childhood. The two daughters grew up, and got married.

Daughter X had moments of great happiness in her lifetime, although it could not be presented as a traditional fairy tale ending. She had three children in total. One she lost to sickness when still a baby. One was born with serious medical issues which required a huge amount of time to control. One was born a healthy baby girl. Daughter X was often very lonely, but she had a husband who loved her more than the world itself. She raised her children as best she could, and was a good mother. Her healthy daughter went on to marry a man she loved, and remained with him for many, many years. After much hard work they were able to give their children a very happy, loving home. They loved their children, and their children loved them.


Daughter Y was not so successful. She went on to marry a man who was kindly but with his head in clouds. She had one healthy daughter, but she was not a good mother. If her daughter did not receive the best grades, she would beat her. If her daughter did something to displease her, no matter how small, she would beat her. Eventually daughter Y abandoned her family for another man when her own daughter was still young, and was never heard from again. Her daughter left home when very young, and married a man who both abused her, and would find her whenever she left him, which was many times. It took many years and much trickery before she was able to get rid of him for good. However, she did have one child, who, after much hard work, she was able to give a happy, loving home. She loved her child, and her child loved her.

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