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The Cleansing-Day Two

This is the second day of my three day juice cleanse. The first day was a bit rough-I was craving chocolate! But I managed to stick it out. Let me explain and spread the word about juice!

So, the reason I'm doing this cleanse-and it's not GOOP related-is because I've been eating crap lately and also I wanted to try something that would give me a non-addy related energy boost. Also, my hair has been getting weak, and my skin is back to how it looked in high school. I just need to give my body some good things...I know cleanses might not be the most popular subject here, but I swear it's not for superficial reasons! Just for my health.

So, basically I'm drink six wonderful juices every two hours. I start in the morning, and I swear the juice is better than coffee. Green, root, green, root, citrus, and a shake thingy. Plus chlorophyll all day and some special water before bed. I know, why not drink tap? Because the water goes with the cleanse. It's special snowflake water.


Upsides of the cleanse: I have more energy, I feel better, and everything seems to be less intimidating. Plus I'm sleeping better, and somehow less neurotic! I'm very disciplined, so I can stick with it.

Downside: I have to pee a lot.

I swear to god, I am so glad I discovered fresh pressed juice. This isn't that Blue Print one (scam). It's the shop a block away, and I got a student+member discount! So, within my price range. I'm thinking about making this juice a staple in my diet-maybe just cleanse every three months or so-but I can't stop raving about how great it is!



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