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The Closer

I kept clicking past this show thinking "Jeez, what the hell is a closer - is she some sort of southern bell selling cars to the police??". Then, since there was nothing else to watch, I stuck around to watch a show - WTF was it with all those people that she worked with? Then I was sucked in and just about that time they restarted from the beginning and all was explained - everyone in the show grew and changed over time, then I discovered that Kyra Sedgwick was married to Kevin Bacon and that just added to the joy. I get 2 hours a week of Brenda and her oddball team - on Sunday even. For weeks I said to myself "what is up with her mouth?" and then there was an episode with plastic surgeon who said that she did not need surgery - she just needed different lipstick - and sure enough, she changed lipstick and looked different (and stopped wearing 'revealing' tops).

Each of the characters get some treatment shows who they are and why they are where they are. Does anyone else like the show? I guess it was a cable tv show which is why I never saw it while it was running - it ran for 7 years.


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