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"The Clown of Aleppo" dies in Russian Airstrike

Anas al-Basha, a 24 year old Syrian man who would dress as a clown to entertain children in the wartorn city of Aleppo was killed in a Russian air strike. al-Basha was the centre director for a local initiative “Space for Hope” that organized trips and parties within the beleaguered city.

His brother, Mahmoud who had fled Syria a year ago, announced his brother’s death on Twitter. Mahmoud said he had asked his brother to go with him, but Ana’s, had refused to leave, wanting to stay and help the children, especially the orphans of Aleppo.

‘Clown of Aleppo’ who gave hope to Syrian children killed in airstrikeDespite the fighting in Syria, a 24-year-old dressed up in clown makeup to comfort children. But,… Read on cbc.​ca

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