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The Comedienne Sketches!

Even though he was a total asshole, I absolutely LOVE The Comedian from Watchmen. Yeah, awful guy, but he came off as a sympathetic character to me. And here are my sketches for my Halloween costume, The Comedienne!

Also, Jeffery Dean Morgan is pretty much a Robert Downey Jr. look-a-like, but I didn't want to be Iron Woman. And not to self promote (ok, I'm self promoting, so yeah), but I did a blog post defending each of the Watchmen-with grammar and spelling mistakes! But I digress.

Gif to start the morning!


And here are my sketches:


I can't decide if I want to do a pleated or ruffled skirt. It's going to be a one piece costume with a corset. Boots-Doc Martens or chunky heels? I could reuse the costume if I ever get a chance to go to Comic Con-even though my original idea for that was a Venture Bros. theme. I'm taking the sketches into a costume/lingerie store to get measured so they can custom make the outfit. They do kickass costumes like no other. Like, beautiful, handmade, wonderful costumes. It's in LA, so if you can guess it, you get a prize! Well, maybe an all caps kudos.

Feel free to chime in, or "adore" my comic-y style art. I can't do proper sketches, so I hope that the nice folks there are going to be able to decode what I want. I'm also bringing in pictures of the character, so they know who I'm talking about.


Now I just need a few bomb Halloween parties to go to, so I'm not stuck on my couch drinking scotch and watching horror movies.

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