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The Comments on the MP Bindi article

I just can't. I have so many responses, but I seriously can't go there with some of these people because I have an exam tomorrow morning and I need to study and I know it's just going to turn into a feeding-the-trolls hate spiral.

I will say one thing, though: I find it incredibly frustrating that people think that taking the word of "that Indian they know" or their own (probably limited) experiences and using it to speak for over ONE BILLION PEOPLE is acceptable. There's a bigger conversation here than "welp, a lot of Indians don't think it's a big deal". Okay, but why? Why are "a lot of Indians" okay with this? This is an important aspect of this whole issue. Personally, I would feel a lot more okay with non-Indians wearing the Bindi if a) they even knew where it came from/it's cultural significance (history or present day, I'll seriously take either) and b) they actually appreciated the culture and people who created it. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. I'm 99% sure most of the girls at Coachella were not wearing the Bindi because they think Indian culture is cool. I'd venture as far as to say a lot of them have probably made "smells like curry" jokes or told someone that they were "good looking for a brown person". I get that it's evolved into somewhat of a fashion statement, but for a lot of practicing Hindu's it's actually both! There's no rule against religious symbols being pretty, is there? Someone better alert all the folks wearing 18 kt. gold crosses around their necks if there is!


This ended up being a lot more than one thing, didn't it? UGH.

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