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I see a few Groupthink voices fighting the good fight against idiocy so I figured I'd throw it up here in case anyone else is feeling feisty. This is the kind of shit driving away great commenters (Ninjacate).


Trying to write off certain incidents as being 'racism light' is NOT helping victims of 'real' racism any more than trying to write off date rape helps victims of (a real republican favorite term here) 'real' rape.

Also, the people specifically calling out Beejoli Shah as 'not qualified' to understand racism...I just can't.

But on a positive note, YAY for reposting with a new headline and opener! High five, Kinja.

ETA: The article itself is short, just a roundup type thing. In fact, that makes it even more surprising that it blew up like this...I shared it for the comment section, which follows my post below.


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