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The communists are in the funhouse

After a tense and stupid late period ( like, goddamn I hate you sometimes body) my friends and I were sitting around getting drunk and discussing all the weird and wonderful ways you can euphemize your menstrual cycle. Share your areas/friends/personal best in the comments- because they always strike me as hilarious. Some of my personal favorites:

Shark Week. The title to this post. The blood moon(sounds so metal/fantasy van airbrush painting. Also BoyHeathens favorite. ie "hey, you want me to pick up some cookies for your blood moon?") Crimson Tide. The Red Pony (bonus- sounds vaguely like a new club drug and or a new club).


And I know as a grown up woman I should have no problem busting out- "hey, I'm on my period" and I don't really, but I honestly deeply love the euphemisms. I dig euphemisms in general- how they change from area to area and bodily functions seem to be a real gold mine for the best of them (see also- poop, death/dying, masturbation)

So share your favorite dainty language for your monthly shame!

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