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The Conjuring - Spoilers, Of Course

I asked about this on GT before I went to see it, which was over the weekend while I was in Vancouver. Have you see it? What did you think? I went with my mom and dad, both lovers of scary movies.

They felt it was overdone, I was just scared shitless. Like, curled up in a ball, heart racing, hands over eyes scared. I loved it!


We did look up information on the family when we got home, and there were extreme liberties taken with the story, which actually made me feel a bit better. We also spent many hours making fun of the clapping hands behind Taylor because we thought that had a fanciful flourish to them, like a flamenco clap.

I don't know, it's so hard to find a decent horror movie anymore, I was kind of jonesing, even thought it terrified me.

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