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The conservative men who whine about 'false rape accusations' hired a woman to lie about rape. Updated: 2 edits.

Project Veritas, a known pustule, hired a woman to go to Wapo and lie about being raped by Roy Moore.

The woman, who used the name Jaime Phillips, told Post reporters a dramatic tale, alleging that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore had impregnated her at 15 and she had gotten an abortion. Reporters found inconsistencies in her story, and later, saw her walking into the New York headquarters of Project Veritas Monday morning.

It’s worth visiting the article Wapo also published about this, but you’ll need to subscribe to get around the paywall. I urge everyone here, if you can afford it, pay for a subscription to Washington Post. Journalists in this country are under attack, as further evidenced by this bullshit. If you can, please try to support them.


It was also reported that Buzzfeed, who broke the story about Conyers, was given the info by known MRA alt-right troll Mike Cernovich. Personally, I find it funny that an MRA who claims all women lie about rape helped expose Conyers. I’m glad he’s being ousted. The alt-right thinks it’s showing that the left is ‘just as bad’ as the right, but honestly they’re just proving feminists right by showing how rampant sexual assault is.

Edit: Fun fact - Trump donated 10k to Project Veritas in 2015, taking money from his supposed charity to do so.

Edit 2: Oh wow, I just had to dismiss a commenter who tried to link me to the ‘real story’ on project veritas’s website. Hahaha. What idiots. In case you all are wondering, here is the shit they’re trying to push - Wapo confronting O’Keefe. And then attempting to question him later that same day. Project Veritas is pushing a highly edited version of the 2nd video, in an attempt to prove they were ‘questioning’ Wapo first. As their orange overlord would say - sad!

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