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We've had a couple posts on everyone's favorite recipe blogs. What are other resources that you recommend for cooking that are not *just* recipe blogs? (ETA: recipe blogs that are more than just a list of instructions are being included. See BingoCarlos's example. I just want to hear more than Smitten Kitchen :/ )

If you can think of some, comment and I'll add it to the list.

Online/computer stuffs:

Paper stuffs

  • lurkerbynature also recommends a binder with plastic sleeves so you don't mess up your computer
  • Julia Child Volumes 1&2 (JessPhilopater, who I keep wanting to call JessPhilosoraptor)
  • The Flavor Bible (JessPhilopater and lots of other people)
  • Joy of Cooking (HermioneStranger)
  • How to Cook Everything (Violet_Baudelaire)
  • Good Housekeeping early 80s cookbook (jennyapples)
  • On Food And Cooking, Harold McGee (Darklighter)

If I missed something, I'll be through again later. I have work to do!


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