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The cops busted our Seder

I guess that's what happens when you have 25 drunk people singing "Ehad mi yodea" at the top of their lungs in an apartment complex with walls that aren't *that* thick, but I'm still totally judging you, boyfriend's neighbors, for calling the cops before 11 on a Friday. On a Seder.

The Seder went pretty well. Everyone had a lot of fun, but I kind of preferred last year's, when we only had 15 people, and it was a little more casual. I'm glad I made a lot of soup, cake and rice, because people either showed up without food, or with chicken. It would have been kind of a weird dinner if I hadn't insisted on doing so much cooking. There's still some cleaning up and returning chairs to people's apartments to do.


Quick rant about my boyfriend's roommate, because he is the absolute worst: my boyfriend has two roommates, one of whom is amazing and one of whom is just the worst. The amazing one, my boyfriend and I were the ones hosting the Seder, while roommate #3 merely agreed to it. Seeing as he was letting us host it at his apartment, we didn't ask him to bring anything except a bottle of wine, which we were asking everyone to bring, because las year we ran out of wine and had go to Trader Joe's in the middle of the Seder. He didn't bring any wine. Also, he was by no means obligated to help us set up, since it wasn't his party, but I was judging him a bit for watching me and awesome roommate set up the living room (for 25 people!) all day and not offering even the smallest amount of help. But the real kicker is that an hour before the Seder, while we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to put together the Seder plates, place settings, etc. he comes into the kitchen, where I'm still cooking matzoh ball soup (again, for 25 people!) and makes himself a FUCKING SMOOTHIE! Who does that????

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