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The Costs of Back to School Shopping for a Program I Haven't Applied to Yet

Back to school shopping is the best. Despite the fact that I have not been accepted into, much less applied for, this new Food Science program at a city college, I am already excited about the preparation. I obviously need entirely brand new things.

  • New notebooks/binders: I can't decide between the two so I have to get those Five-Star note-binder things. They are perfection. Also, they're 13 bucks a pop. Times five for the first semester classes. $65
  • New pens: I am very, very picky. The point can't be too fine since I write with a heavy hand. It also can't spill ink drops all over the place. I'm talking about you, Pentel RSVPs. $10
  • Coloured pens: For underlining and associating various importance to points and sentences, obviously. Pens in a minimum of 5 different colours other than black: $15
  • Highlighters: Must match the small post-it flags for use in notebooks and textbooks. $10
  • Post-it flags: Mandatory. Must match highlighters, so a chapter in a textbook will have flags and highlighted passages in the same colour. This is very, very important. $12
  • It now appears I have a lot of things to hold. Need a fancy new pencil case. Canvas. hard-case box takes up too much room. $7
  • New laptop: Current one has a sticky keyboard and nail polish stains. Not as fast as it used to be. Get one on clearance. $500
  • Wait, laptop still works fine. Maybe get a netbook for taking to school? $500 $200
  • No, Sims 4 comes out next fall. Will definitely need new laptop for the RAM bomb that Sims 4 will inevitably be. $200 $500 +$65 for Sims 4
  • I'll need a planner to keep up on my glorious new academic and studious life style. I like leather and leather-like materials. Week-at-a-glance is enough, I'm not Ahhhhhndrea from 'Beverly Hills, 90210'... or am I? $20
  • A new lifestyle means new clothes. $100
  • I'm kidding myself. New clothes: $100 $200
  • Plus new comfy shoes for commuting. $75
  • I am going to be on the subway or train a lot. Maybe an E-Reader is in order? It would practically pay for itself in all the late fees I wouldn't have to pay at the library $100
  • I'll need a new totem for this new part of my life. I'll be That Girl with the Awesome Necklace. I shall be known across campus for my cool necklace and bright teal tights. I suspect Etsy will be involved. $50

So, without including tuition, textbooks or public transit passes, school will cost me: about $1250 plus tax.

Bring it on.

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