Am I the only one watching this? Probably.

I can’t help it, I’m a nerd for the history of medicine. I used to actively collect antique first aid books. Mr is a devoted World War One geek, and I think when I showed him my 1919 Johnson and Johnson first aid manual is when he decided to marry me.

So, anyways, I haven’t seen episode four yet, and I’m trying to watch episode two on right now. The PBS program page had a really, really unfair spoiler on it, in plain sight, so I know at least some of what’s going to happen.

I have a long white apron like all the nurses wear, now I just need an accurate blue/gray ankle length dress to wear with it.

Anyone who is watching, can you fucking believe Sister Quayle? Hogging the fruitcake instead of distributing it to the men (or even among the staff!) and then destroying the order that would have sent Prentiss home…Dafuq is wrong with her?