The hipster baby names article on the mainpage got me thinking - I really hate this attitude that if you have a name that is not in the top 10 WASP names of the year, you're going to end up living under a bridge like some kind of a baby-eating troll (Rumpelstiltskin is the ultimate hipster baby name - DONT STEAL IT FROM ME, ITS MINE).

The article itself was pretty good, but some of the comments were ridiculous. Someone claimed they would never hire a lawyer called Bear or Clementine, because they wouldn't be able to take them seriously. I scoff as much as the next person at some of the baby naming trends, especially the backwards spelled names with really forced pronunciations - Nevaeh? Rehtaeh?

But at the same time, isn't this snobby attitude the same thing that leads to equally qualified job candidates getting very different numbers of calls back for job interviews, because one had an Anglo Saxon name, and the other had a foreign-sounding, or non-white sounding name?

I have a super Bulgarian name. It's not even one of the popular Bulgarian names, like Maria or Ivana. It's not crazy weird either, but Canadians definitely struggle with it. Let's say that growing up, I got more misspelled valentines that ones with my name spelled correctly. My last name is even worse. Attendance on the first day of school always went "Lastname, Firstname, Lastname, Firstname, Lastname, Firstname... umm... Lenami?"


Anyways, I love my name. It's awesome and I like watching people struggle with it. My middle-name is motherfucking Valentinova. Deal with it. But I hate the idea that people might be hesitant to call me back for job interviews or what-have-you, because my name communicates foreign to them. I've definitely gotten that feeling at times when applying for jobs. I can't hide my foreignness. You know that question - "Where are you really from?" - I get that a lot.

What do you guys think? Do you struggle with an uncommon name? Do you have preconceived notions about people with uncommon names? Did you hunt down your estranged parent for giving you a weird name that ended up toughening you up?