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The Cyborg Manifesto, or why I want go cry right now

Guys, this grad school business has been going great until I hit this bump in the road called Donna Haraway and her fucking Cyborg Manifesto. I'm supposed to present on it for a class on interdisciplinary approaches to communication Monday and I can't even understand half of it.

I'm good on most of her critique of radical and Marxist feminism thanks to my background in women's studies, and I can almost understand the stuff about women as cyborgs but I get lost when she talks about technology and information systems and the cyborg as a form of resistance against systems of domination.

I think part of the problem is that it's just super dated and techno-deterministic. It's also poorly written, in my opinion. She never argues or illustrates any of her points, just kind of describes them using 12-syllable words as if they should be self-evident. I don't know. Anyone with an MA in women's studies or communication want to give me some idea of what she's talking about?


Also, feel free to bitch about your frustrating assignments here. I can use the solidarity.

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