Hello all! I'd like to welcome you to a new GroupThink feature that I created just now, in the privacy of my own living room, where I am not wearing pants. I like to call it, "The Daily Don't."

The Daily Don't is a reoccurring post in which I, FluterDale, your GroupThink Flute Sensation, make suggestions about things. Specifically: things you don't need to do. This may occur on a daily basis. It may not. The great thing is: you don't know! (See what I did there?)

Today's Daily Don't, being the inaugural Daily Don't, is dedicated to a burner account on the mainpage. Since this is the inaugural Daily Don't, we opted for a little something special, a la
No Doubt.

Don't speak - I know what you're thinking. I don't need your reasons. Don't tell me 'cause it hurts (my head).

Silly anonymous Internet person. The comment you're making doesn't relate to the comment you're responding to!

Don't do that!


This has been your episode of the Daily Don't.