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The Daily Dump -- 4th of July Edition!


Welcome to a very special 4th of July edition of the Daily Dump! Also, fuck you very much for deleting this the first time, Kinja! A big thank you to everyone who's been helping out with the Daily Dump lately — you have made my and Couchplanted's lives much easier. Additionally, I'll be posting another help request thread tomorrow (when more people are likely to see it) for the following week. In the meantime, ShinyRedRobot has tomorrow's Daily Dump, and I'll take the Weekend Double Edition.

KCunning talked about Her Mom's Weird Food Passive-Aggression

Zap Rowsdower brought up The Horror That Is the Lone Ranger Movie

BlueJeans has some Disagreements With Dear Prudence Regarding Wedding-Related Matters

Pope Alexander pointed out the phenomenon that is the Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Smilla wished the country a Happy Birthday 'Cause 'MURICA

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista shared with us the Adventures of Joe Biden, Eagle-Themed Superhero

Couchplanted is doing Something With Nails and the Polishing Thereof

LaComtesse is having Cat Issues (Get Better, LaCattesse!)

Chritter is a Feminist Mancatfish reminded us about The Most Important Holiday Movie, 1776

JayneAllyson had some Potentially Important News About the Portrayal of Trans Individuals on TV

Zap Rowsdower brought us Another Example of Really Stupid White People

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