The Fuck It, Friday Edition whose name is inspired by Burt!

BRIMSG says Fuck this shit!

DoIt2Julia starts some great conversations on why this is more zoo than exhibit.

MisfitToy asks about experiences with Alzheimer's.


NightCheeseNightman starts a Cumber-Craze.

Paranoid Shiksa Feminista alerts us to NATIONAL DONUT DAY* ERMAHGAWD!


And in defense of donuts, Iron Mam!

Studio L has run-ins with strange compliments.


VivaciousVicious sees drunk friends for the first time.

MoGlo is back! (And Ubertrout ponders marriage equality.)


MyPrettyFloralBonnet's first edition of Outside the Sandbox.

LaComtesse helps us look our best for the Red Wedding.


PackedLunch gives voice to something that many of us have endured - emotional abuse. (I, personally, want to say thank you for so eloquently putting this into words.)


*In honor of Donut Day, I present to you a photo of an eating challenge starring grilled cheese donuts. My cousin is mucho excited. (Cuz, if you read GT, and you might since I discovered Jezebel through you.. um. Hi, first off, and, ta da! My secret identity.)