It's been a rollercoaster of a day. I am feeling emotional, and so are a lot of you.

I woke up to MyPrettyFloralBonnet bidding us bonjour and sending us a photo of a cat named Noun. I am stealing his picture, because CUTE.

Before that, while I was sleeping, NinjaCate thanked us prettily.


Here are more cute animals, courtesy of Couchplanted and klewless. Shiny Red Robot's son is also busy being adorable. JennyApples overtakes both adorable human and non-human animal categories with a post about Applet, but Burt is hurt, and I am torn between squeeing at puppy in a cast and sending her my sympathies.

Things went a little wonky today too.

Wax-tadpole had a moment but still managed to post about some awesome guy whom I've never heard of. *


We had bad days and we could do with some cheering up and maybe some advice, also this.


But yet, we are finding joy(?).

BUT WAIT! BlueJeans would like you to be terrified too.


* each word is a separate link in the next two lines.