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My day started with some crap I'm not linking (because I don't believe in self-dumping) which made me eat a cookie, which contained sugar. Sugar makes me ... not smart.

Then I drove to one of the Dakotas. There are lots of male enhancement commercials in this Dakota. And also pregnancy crisis centers with actual radio advertisements. I'm taking an audition tomorrow and if I don't get it, I think that's going to be ok. This place is scary.

So I'm driving through BFE Dakota and remember It's my day to do the Daily Dump. Oh shit! (Remember back in the day when it was novel to work in a scatalogical reference in the Dump? I do.) That's why it's late.

Here's why it might be a little grumpy: (Not my best work)

Ashronin has some terrible news about potential trolls in our space. Guys. Guize. YOU GUIZE. Dismiss buttons: USE THEM.


Did you forget how to dismiss? Rebecca Rey schools other bloggers.

Rape in the news, and not in a good way. Rebecca Rey breaks the news. More rape in the news. Equally disturbing stories from GoodTimesGirl.

Always good for a laugh. Thanks, Boss.

Shitty people shouldn't breed, but if they do, they should have Jane as a backup parent.


Douches in the comic book industry? You don't say. Fortunately, LizTaylorsEarrings are very articulate.

There's life outside the U.S.? Today is a good day to be reminded by SingYourSong. Are things nicer in Canada? Maybe I should move back.


SarahMascara talked shit about my favorite city, but I forgive her because she posted a picture of the Bridge Troll. (This is the only time trolls are acceptable on GroupThink.)

Problem Facebook friends? Solution: Let BarleyChew know.

Racism. Fuh. MiracleWhips19 provides the details.

The mainpage did a thing on body language, too, but NCCyclist did it first. (And better? Go find out.)


Reproductive abuse. Did I say FUH already? No? FUH. Bingo,Carlos has more info.

Penabler thinks he's cool. Let's all point and laugh.

There was a lot of really good 9/11 stuff today, but I don't want to be flippant about it, so I'm acknowledging this one where retailers everywhere were flippant about it. So there's that. Thanks for putting it together, Rebecca Rey.


There was some rape, some abuse, some violence. Let's get sexual harassment in there, too. Cumberbuttcheeks deserves your sympathy for this ongoing saga.

If we can get some fitness in there, we've got the Bad Issue Trifecta. Boom! Thanks, Hello_My_Lover.

That's all she wrote, guys. More chipper on the weekend: Unless you feed the trolls.


Updated: Whosits would like you all to liveblog the Castle marathon. I will be going to bed, but you guys have fun!

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