I'm late, I know! I got sucked down into the vortex of The Nail Polish Removal Ritual. For the polishaholics out there, you know exactly what happened and can empathize. For the rest of you, feel free to roll your eyes. I did.

As always if there's something you think I missed, and I probably did since I'm now rushing to get this out quickly, please do post a link in the comments. Also, I'm overwhelmed with the offers to take a Dump and can't wait to see the sort of spin others put on it. Let's get to it, shall we?

(Edit: Sorry for the beyond crazy formatting issues.. again.)

Pocket Copter writes a lovely piece about discerning sluts.


Paranoid Shiksa Feminista's dog hates us all.

Professor Pink will be teaching a Fat Studies class.


Tychotronic has an encounter of the weird kind.

Karadia informs us on Vestibulodynia.


SeaAnemone makes us hungry for no bake cookies.. twice.

NYC Groupthink meet-up is a go, cheers FightinginFishnets!


LaComtesse discusses how The New Yorker commemorated the DOMA decision.

Phelia takes our teenagedom off of the dusty top shelf in the closet.


Medusa Asudem and kids don't mix.

PhantomChariot brings back the swearing thread. (Me: "Twattery!" My mom: "Did you just yell something about pottery? Me: "Uh.. yeah. Totally. Pro-pottery here.")


Don Juan's Reckless Daughter pours the alcohol in Groupdrink.