I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday, too. Thursday, I don't care about you. It's Friday; I'm in love.

And on this lovely marvelous Friday, GroupThink has been living it up.

Iron Mam (AKA Domestic Dork) wants us to brag about stuff! And to create a fantabulous name for this regular feature.

Coffeeplease does not want to hold your baby. And that's OK.


Jennyapples would like for everyone to just shut the fuck up with the pregnancy advice, please.

Vivaciousvicious wants us to be self-indulgent, but in the best possible way.


Quashitlikeitshot is working today. Is that legal?

LaComtesse is definitely not feeling the love for a facebook friend. With Game of Thrones gifs. She also admits that she has, once or twice in the past, been WRONG. I'm sure she's just making it up to make us plebs feel better.


Medusa Asudem wants to talk about wedding music. And Battlestar Galactica.


Burt Reynolds is my Spirit Guide wants us to say HI before she becomes inebriated.

Ubertrout wishes us to place bets on the drunkenness of BRIMSG. Do we get prizes for correct guesses? I want a pony.


SorciaMacNasty is unsure of how to feel about Mr. Nasty's new favorite song.


And Fluterdale is still dealing with pet-related nastiness.

Rock on, GT! May your Friday nights be full of sparkles and hugs from people you wish to hug you.