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Doit2Julia linked us to Her First Article for BlackGirlLongHair

JCat80 showed us the Best Possible Response to the Zimmerman Trial

NightCheeseNightMan needed our help finding The Best of All Possible Gifs

FluterDale required some Serious Consolation

JennyApples made a BabyApples


NinjaCate wanted to talk to us about Abortion

NapSauce purchased a Shiny New Corset


I wrote about the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

T_Beermonster got mainpaged with the insidious nature of The Invasive Foreign Species Known as the Cronut


MyKittenBitMeButILoveHim had a really Disturbing Date Revelation


Kyosuke is finally Legally Able to Be Kyosuke

MitsubiShe wanted everyone to Share Their IUD Stories


Medusa Asudem made me feel really weird about myself by reminding us that Helen Mirren is Still Gorgeous

MrsMonarch had some Family Issues on Facebook