Welcome to the Daily Dump, Monday Edition! Today's theme is: Sharing.

Say it with me, class. Shaaaaaring. Okay, good! This entire weekend seems to have been Groupthink's purging time, and it's been wonderful! Lots of warm fuzzies have been shared, and today isn't an exception to that. It really does feel like the first week of class where you learn all sorts of neat things about the people you're going to be interacting with.

So what do Smarties have to do with anything? My mini-share for today is that I'm OCD about strange things like candy. I can't eat them unless it's done in pairs of two, and Smarties contain an odd number that foils me every damn time.

So let's get workin' on the readin' material for today's Dump:

SpeakandDestroy started a Dump about OKC.


LadySulkington started a 10 Things Y'all Never Knew roundup.

Pope Alexander asks for advice when dieting with a partner who cheats on said diet.


HelloMyLover got mainpaged brainstorming about Etsy things.


Shiny Red Robot's kid asks why do we wear make-up?

Some dude walked a tightrope. BlueJeans and HardcoreUmlaut filled us in.


Shoegal reminds us that good jeans are hard to find.

I'm busy-boreding right now, Cassiebearrawr!


The wonderful Smilla hosts an open thread for Mad Men and then recaps the episode.

Kyosuke reports on a trans-win in Colorado.


Call to bookworms! Our resident Pope would like to what we're reading.

Ubertrout's test results came back, and he is negative for secrets, y'all!


How McUncool came to the Dark(feministy)side.

Devil Jello Kitty is going to eat us all. Thanks, Bumblecat.


Greenheart talks daddy issues.

JayneAllyson is using the bullhorn for a Team B roll call.


Y'all have some feels about sushi. Comments be craycray in KCunning's post.

Being a sexy sexpert is tough for our dear Fluffers.



Remember, sharing is caring, y'all.. especially when it comes to an odd number of candies. As usual if there's anything you think should be added, link it below!

*Also, with the new influx of GT authors, I'm asking for a volunteer who might like to take a Dump! Two is swell, but three would be sweller! (Yup. Sweller.)