(Emergency Edit: I forgot a GIF! I forgot a GIF! I forgot to include a GIF! )

Jayneallyson smells like the best thing ever (Cookies, cookie dough? Pizza.. yeasty beer.. rainbows! {They so do have a smell,}* and politely informs us of the coming Transpocalyptic News Cycle.

*Yeah.. I did that. I pulled the parentheses within a parentheses card. So what.

Penabler goes to Mexico, shares his photos, and makes us (Me. I hate you,) jealous.


Korra gives us an update on the crazy roommate sitch.


Birthday Cake Oreo Cookies get all the mentions in all the world forever. Thanks, Rawrglicious!

MyPrettyFloralBonnet has a great idea that is just like the Daily Dump but is primarily made up of the neat toys that are outside our sandbox. Thoughts?


In the article that gave me 15 minutes nose-wrinkle, Penabler makes me wish we ladies had the Dollar Shave Club, too.


Have you ever needed a snappy comeback to street harassment (that doesn't include Dr. Seuss rhymes like I'm prone to)? Aurora F has you covered.

Iron Mam (aka Domestic Dork) makes my boobs shrink into my body.


SeaAnemone shares with us the link to Jim Norton's XOJane piece.

Watch out, ThereIsNoFluffy can eat meat. (Make your own penis joke! I did.)