Y'all. Y'ALL. Y'AAAALLLLL!!!!!! The nanobots have been spending their mornings taking a course at the local community college called "Intro to Robotics" and I am pretty sure they're going to create Skynet and bring about the end of humanity. So, sorry, guys, mea culpa. Clearly, I'll be on the side with the robots, but I'll put in a good word for you all and maybe you can survive as pets or something, 'kay?

I mean, people. Really. We put our cats in ties. They may help the robots by tripping us as we run away.

Barleychew just bought a house. We can't have robots stomping it, so we need to figure out how to avoid the take-over. And there are more reasons to avoid it! Napsauce has designed websites that stand the test of time and are famous! Tyrannosaurusbataar is super-famous! Penabler reminds us that Game of Thrones will return (just like winter) and that there will be Martells! And Dorne! And Ellaria Sand, who is going to be spectacular!


Granted, Petticoat Despot gives us an example of someone who really needs to be stomped by the robots, and There-Was-A-Star-Danced gives us examples of more questionable behavior. Possibly, all of OKC needs stomping, or at least this one dude who can't make up his mind about Thereisnofluffy. MisfitToy's classmates and professor are probably going to push her under the robots' feet, but we think they're being poop-heads.

We could all just snuggle up and watch some documentaries, as rawrglicious is doing, or find truly terrible books to stare at, as SouthernHelle is doing, and ignore the coming robocalypse.


Maybe, the key is to just be nice and positive sometimes as Fluterdale suggests. Robots can't possibly take over if we're lovely, right? Whosits models helpfulness for us in Ask a Biologist and Heather Simon shows us how lovely we all can be. Lucky Frog gives us a chance to be helpful by asking for advice about grapes. The Bay Area Jezzies were all lovely to each other at their meet-up. DaisyChainLinkFence tells us all how lovely and feminist Adventure Time is. Clearly, I need to get into this show. And MyDearPeabody gives us a very lovely representation of feminism in comics. And Katana Leigh talks about Van Gogh and Doctor Who, both of which are reasons to let us humans live, robots!!


Listen, Robots, BeyonceIsTheLastUnicorn may have the best solution for us all. Sometimes, it's just time to move on instead of continuing to harm each other.

So, until my children perfect their killing machines, let's work on being kind to one another and cutting the bastards out of our lives. The robots are coming.